LabMax Laser Power and Energy Meter with GPIB Interface

Coherent has released an addition to the LabMax family of laser power and energy meters, which adds enhanced interfacing capabilities to support GPIB/IEEE-488, in addition to USB, RS-232 and onboard flash memory. 

GPIB provides a simple, robust way to control multiple instruments using a single computer.   As with other models in this series, the new LabMax-TOP with GPIB is compatible with position sensing (quadrant) laser power detectors. 

The LabMax-TOP with GPIB also offers options for data acquisition, storage and analysis.  These include flexible data logging capabilities, which can easily be configured by the user, together with built-in file management functions that support data transfer using any of the system’s interfaces.  Additionally, LabMax-TOP with GPIB can perform various statistical functions on accumulated data (minimum, maximum, mean, range, standard deviation), and also provides trend charting, a tuning display and beam stability analysis.