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The low-noise QCL OEM driver from Wavelength Electronics has enabled countless applications with its patented circuitry. Now, the reverse polarity driver, a current source, is available in the OEM package. Often with epi-down configurations of the QCL the exit lead is attached to the case and it is desirable to ground it. While floating both connections would make it possible to use the standard QCL OEM, simply use the QCL OEM (+) and ground the connection. The Analog Input for remote setpoint input operates at 0 to +5V input, with bandwidth up to 1-2MHz for the QCL500(+) and 500kHz for the QCL2000 (+).

These Low Noise QCL OEM (+) Series Drivers have the lowest current noise density of any commercially available driver. Powering your QCL with this driver will enable better performance—at lower cost and in less time—than otherwise possible. This is the right driver for QCLs that require a high-precision and ultra-low noise current source.

The 500mA QCL OEM(+) driver exhibits noise performance of 0.5μA RMS to 100kHz, and an average current noise density of 1.5nA / √Hz.