Labsphere USS-800 series

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Labsphere has launched its USS-800 series of uniform source systems, available in continuous (USS-800C) or stepped (USS-800S) output models.

Systems are built on an eight-inch diameter integrating sphere, coated with Labsphere’s proprietary Spectraflect.  This highly reflective diffuse coating delivers spatial integration of more than 98 per cent.

The two-inch exit port is suitable for most portable imaging systems and arrays, with optional Spectraflect coated accessories to reduce port size as dictated by application.  A broad range of light sources offer several levels of radiance performance; current regulated DC power supply ensures lamp consistency for reproducible results.  Exit port luminance is controlled and monitored with Labsphere’s SC 6000 radiometer.  USS-800 systems’ calibrations are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The fixed radiance output of the USS-800S is suitable for uniform illumination of devices under test or to source a non-imaging optical train, with stepped radiance outputs of 70500, 31000, or 3000 cd/m2. 

The USS-800C also provides adjustable continuous spectral radiance and irradiance with luminance levels ranging from 0 to 9800, 13500, or 24,000 cd/m2.  This configuration is most often used to characterize the linearity of non-imaging (ccd array) and imaging (camera) systems.

The USS-800 series will be distributed by Laser 2000.