LAP laser sensor

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Alrad Instruments' new LAP laser sensor allows users to measure the dimensions of an object without touching its surface. Production processes can be monitored continuously, ensuring quality and reducing rejects. LAP measurement systems are flexible and easy to integrate with software. Having no contact with the object to be measured lets the user work with soft, sticky, hot or other sensitive surfaces. There will be no wear and tear at the sensor. Keeping the sensors’ windows clean can be done by air purging.

All systems incorporate laser triangulation sensors, allowing measurements of displacement, thickness, width and height to be made. Depending on the type of system, measurement ranges from 0.2mm to 4,000mm are possible and accuracies down to ±0.1µm can be achieved. Based on a digital signal processor (DSP) the intelligent sensor controls the exposure of the CCD and the output power of the laser source. Because of this, LAP laser sensors measure extremely precisely and quickly, even if surface characteristics like colour or reflectivity are changing. Parameters such as measurement speed or filters are handled directly in the sensor's DSP.