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Non-contact medical device measurement

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Precitec Optronik has released high-precision, non-contact measurement of medical devices, which use a single probe enabled by the optical sensors CHRocodile E, X or IT.

Most shapes can be measured because of the high numerical aperture of the probes and the sensor measures the shape as well as the thickness of the objects at up to 14,000 times a second. The device will be distributed by Armstrong Optical.

The measurement spot diameter is only a few microns enabling the detection of small surface defects. Subsequent calibrations are not necessary and the probes are unaffected by the measurement process, allowing for consistent and continual use.

The sensors can be integrated directly into the inline production process because of their high speed and the possibility to handle up to three encoder signals. They are also readily incorporated into laboratory and offline-operation settings. Overall the CHRocodile provides safe, reliable and high-quality measurements - just what the medical industry relies upon.

Typical applications include product topgraphy, profile and thickness, multi-layer thickness and the measurement of fluid levels. The CHRocodile sensors are already measuring biomedical sensors, stents, balloons, films, liquid layers and foils with accuracy and resolution.