Lasag SLS 200 GX

The SLS 200 GX from Lasag is available for trials through Rofin-Baasel UK.

The SLS 200 GX uses a patented process that mixes in a secondary wavelength at 532nm but it only represents up to 15 per cent of the total energy. This mixing improves the absorption of laser energy delivering consistent results even where there are differences in the surface condition of the material.  

This process is aimed at getting round the issue with copper where as little as five per cent of laser light at 1µm wavelength is absorbed.

Welds from the SLS 200 GX, Lasag claims, are more consistent in diameter and penetration and very small spot welds down to 25µm diameter are also possible. Following the initial pulse of green light, the energy is reduced however the main infrared energy is maintained to allow the weld pool to grow. Molten copper absorbs the laser energy much better than solid material at room temperature.