LASCAD version 3.5.4

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Pro-Lite Technology has released its LASCAD version 3.5.4 laser cavity design software. The latest version of LASCAD incorporates a tool called Dynamic Multimode Analysis (DMA) designed to improve the computer-aided design of actively Q-switched solid state lasers. The DMA code adds a number of important features to LASCAD, including: 

  • Computation of the shape and time-dependent power of a series of pulses from an actively Q-switched laser.

  • Computation of the power within individual transverse modes for CW and Q-switch operation.

  • Computation of the M2 beam propagation quality factor for CW and Q-switch operation.

  • Modelling of the effect of hard-edged and Gaussian apertures on laser beam quality.

  • Modelling the effects of resonator mirrors with Gaussian reflectivity profiles; support for “Supergaussian” reflectivity profiles is currently under development.

Thermal lensing is one of the key problems which designers of laser cavities for solid-state lasers (SSL, DPSSL etc.) must consider. LASCAD software contains all of the simulation tools necessary to accurately model the performance of a laser resonator, serving as an optical bench on a PC and helping to save time and cost.