Sub-millimetre sized optical lenses

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Bern Optics has introduced a line of sub-millimetre sized optical lenses, as small as 0.20mm in diameter. These precision lenses can be ground and polished in a variety of difficult configurations, including plano convex, plano concave, bi-concave, bi-convex, and with positive or negative meniscus.

Created from optical and filter glasses, these microscopic elements – some as small as a grain of salt – can be produced with spherical and cylindrical radii with sub-millimetre curvatures and diameters. These lenses are used in endoscopic medical devices, as well as other optical instrumentation where precision and high quality are required. Bern Optics can also cement doublets (achromats) and triplets, furnishing exceptionally accurate alignment; the centralisation of each element is verified before and after cementing. Custom designed anti-reflection coatings can also be provided on all lenses.