Laser diode modules

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The Optoelectronics Company is launching a new range of laser diode modules that provide a cost-effective OEM laser solution.

The company, a supplier and manufacturer of innovative optoelectronic components including Opnext laser diodes, Panasonic lenses and Optowell VCSELs, has introduced its own range of laser diode modules designed for OEMs, end-users and systems integrators.

The range of laser diode modules combines a Opnext laser diode with externally adjustable optics, a Panasonic aspherical glass lens and modular anodised aluminium housing to provide a laser source suitable for use in a variety of industrial, commercial and medical applications such as inspection, alignment and sensing.

The modules are compact, CW, visible or infrared lasers, producing an elliptical beam. They offer a combination of low noise and output stability and are available at five wavelengths (635nm, 639nm, 660nm, 830 nm, and 852nm), at powers of up to 75mW.  Mechanical dimensions are a 12mm diameter and a 53mm length.