Red laser diodes

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Optoelectronic components distributor, The Optoelectronics Company, has announced the release of two 638nm, high power, low operating current red laser diodes from Opnext.

These red laser diodes have been developed for the miniature projector and show laser markets, which are experiencing rapid growth due to mobile applications. These two new diodes offer higher temperature operation, shorter wavelengths and higher power in a smaller package.

Opnext’s HL63603TG red laser diode has a wavelength of 638nm and an output power of 120mW. It is available in a 3.8mm package with single transverse mode and can be used for the red light in RGB laser pico projectors. The HL63603TG is also suitable for use in laser modules and optical measurement equipment and offers a high temperature operation at 60°C and 120mW of optical output power in the 638nm wavelength band.