Laser meter to read beam position

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Coherent has launched its LabMax laser power and energy meter, which supports position sensing detectors and is compatible with all the company's current and past sensors.

Its position sensing simplifies proper alignment with the detector, which helps to ensure accurate measurements and also allows for long-term beam monitoring.

The LabMax meter has a number of additional options for data acquisition, storage and analysis. It features flexible data logging capabilities, which are selected using batch set-up options.

Built-in file management capabilities enable the transfer of stored data to an external computer by USB, serial interface or using the onboard flash memory.

Data integrity is enhanced with the introduction of an improved external pulse trigger and LabMax can also perform a number of statistical functions on accumulated data, as well as offering trend charting, a tuning display and beam stability analysis.

Coherent offers a wide range of thermal, pyroelectric and semiconductor sensors which enable LabMax to deliver measurements of average power, pulse energy, repetition rate and beam position for pulsed and CW lasers operating from 190nm to 12┬Ám, over measurement ranges from 1nW to 30kW and 1nJ to 30J, from single shot to 10kHz.