Shamrock SR-500 and SR-750

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Andor Technology has launched two new spectrographs. The Shamrock SR-500 and SR-750 spectrographs provide high resolution with greater detail and clarity across a wide range of applications including Raman and fluorescence.

Direct and responsive control of the spectrograph and camera is possible through the Andor Solis software, allowing the user to adjust the wavelength, grating selection, shutter control and filter selection. The software also allows users to join spectra together.

The Shamrock SR-500 has an aperture of f/6.5, reciprocal dispersion of 1.7nm/mm, and a wavelength resolution of 0.05nm. The SR-750 has an aperture of f/9.8, reciprocal dispersion of 1.1nm/mm and a wavelength resolution of 0.03nm. Both offer a mechanical scan range of 0 to 1200nm, wavelength accuracy of ±0.2nm and a focal plane size of 28 x 14mm.