LDS-Vector electronic autocollimator

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Newport has announced that its LDS-Vector electronic autocollimator performs high resolution angular measurements for alignment, quality assurance and metrology applications.

Featuring a highly collimated 670nm laser diode the LDS-Vector allows for non-contact measurements over distances of up to 20m. The use of a visible light laser diode and a large range ocular field minimises set-up time and prevents users from spending hours aligning the instrument.

A dual axis analogue sensor with a silicon surface provides 2kHz data acquisition. This gives it the capability to perform vibration analysis and stage settling time measurements with the LDS-Vector at a resolution of 0.1µrad.

The LDS1000 electronic controller displays the angular measurements on a two-line, 20 character display. The controller can store up to 2,048 measurement points with an available extended memory option to 14K. To reduce noise, digital integration can be set from 0.5msec to 1sec. The controller supports IEEE-488 and RS-232-C communication for remote operation.