Laser optics for femtosecond lasers

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Sill Optics has designed some beam achromatic expanders and f-theta objectives, which minimise chirp on the pulses of femtosecond lasers.

Sill Optics offers beam expanders with magnification ratios of 3, 4 and 5. The wavelength range used for the design is 760 to 820nm. Depending on the magnification, beam diameters of 7.5mm to 12mm can be used.

For XY-scan-systems, f-theta objectives for 1060nm and for a range of 808nm to 980nm are available. The S4LFT7163 with a focal length of 163 mm enables a diffraction limited focus within a 95mm x 95mm scan field with a 10mm 1/e² laser beam. The S4LFT0089/094, a telecentric scan lens is designed for a wavelength range of 808nm to 980nm. Also here a 1/e² beam of 10mm can be used and a field size of 15mm x 15mm can be achieved. Of course, this lens works also diffraction limited in the entire scan area.