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Laser Quantum mannequin challenge

Laser Quantum has recently taken part in the mannequin challenge, the latest viral video craze, capturing a scene from one of its laser production labs. The mannequin challenge first went viral late last year, with videos emerging of people ‘frozen in time’ in an exaggerated environment and has since taken the internet by storm. Laser Quantum’s video offers insight into the life inside a working lab, demonstrating the different tasks taken on by the engineers in order to build one of its robust lasers.
Laser Quantum is renowned for its high-quality and reliable lasers, which are manufactured across its UK and German sites. The video has been shot at its Stockport site and provides a visual capture of the environment in which its lasers are produced, offering a unique insight for its customers who rarely get to see the impressive production process.
Andy Wells, Sales and Marketing Manager at Laser Quantum said ‘The mannequin challenge has recently taken the internet by storm. As a company that is developing its video capability, it seemed only natural that we took part, not only to offer a glimpse into our production laboratories and the hard working engineers behind the laser build, but also to demonstrate the personality of the Laser Quantum brand.’


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