Model 546, 563 and 559 safety glasses

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Univet, an Italian company specialising in safety eye-wear, has revealed a complete range of products for laser operators. Lenses can be made out of glass, with high absorption capacity and good visible light transmission, or out of polycarbonate, ultra-light and impact resistant, but with a lower optical density.

Models 546 and 563 are made up of items with ultra-light polycarbonate frames, with ergonomic temples in soft rubber, adjustable in length. These spectacles guarantee absolute comfort and protection in addition to a perfect stability, since they are adaptable to the users face. Model 563 has been equipped with a metal plate over the nose bridge to increase the level of protection. Polycarbonate filters have been designed to reach a DL6 protection level; this represents an innovation in laser protection, as previously this level was attainable only through glass filters.

Model 559 is a highly resistant spectacle, created to meet the DL8 protection level – the highest level available on market. A 2mm thick aluminium shell guarantees maximum protection, even in the case of direct radiation from a laser beam. This spectacle can also be easily worn over common prescription glasses thanks to the exclusive interchangeable nose-pad. The glass filters combine interferential and absorbing effects, the lens being composed of two laminated glass layers covered by a reflecting interferential coating.