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The Coherent LaserCam-HR high-resolution laser beam profiler now features the new software release of 4.3.X which includes an improved interface for increased speed, enhanced ease of use and greater functionality. In particular, the updated BeamView-USB software is more intuitive and responds more rapidly to user input, speeding data acquisition and facilitating the LaserCam-HR’s use in production environments. The software also provides ‘Analysis Only’ functionality with capabilities for offline analysis of previously acquired data and support for a variety of data storage devices (USB storage devices, network drives, RAM disks, internal RAM, etc.).

The LaserCam-HR is based on a 1.3-megapixel (1280 x 1024) sensor, and delivers accurate intensity profile characterisation of CW and pulsed laser beams in the 0.26mm to 6mm diameter range, with spectral sensitivity from 300nm to 1100nm. It utilises a USB 2.0 interface to enable plug-and-play connectivity and to eliminate the need for a frame grabber card in the host computer.