LC Series Linear Photodiode Arrays

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Sensors Unlimited has released its LC Series Linear Photodiode Arrays.  The SU256LCS-2.6T2 detector array is available with 256 elements of extended response InGaAs material.  Designed for broad wavelength range from 0.9µm to 2.6µm, the LC Series offers a comprehensive feature set from Sensors Unlimited’s readout integrated circuitry (ROIC) to maximise instrument design flexibility. 
The LC photodiode array package design includes a two-stage TEC and thermally optimised materials for multi-channel spectrometers that require high sensitivity, low power consumption, and long-term stability. 

The LC InGaAs photodiode array has a large active area, 50 x 250µm pixel size. Sensors Unlimited’s ROIC provides an autozero function that significantly reduces dark current and fixed pattern non-uniformity. A serial command input allows the user to select one of four gain settings and to control readout timing and exposure. Applications include biomedical analysis, industrial process control and possible alternative instrumentation to FT-NIR instruments.