SWIR Linear Photodiode LC-Series Array

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Sensors Unlimited has launched its Shortwave Infrared (SWIR) Linear Photodiode LC-Series Array.

The new LC array delivers high sensitivity for imaging applications from 0.9µm to 2.6µm. The device offers instrument designers several advantages: no moving parts, easy integration into existing systems, fast signal readout, and real-time measurement results for an attractive alternative to FTIR-NIR (Fourier Transform Infrared-Near-Infrared) Interferometry. 
The rugged and reliable LC Series, shipping now in OEM volumes, is ideal for applications such as industrial process control, biomedical analysis, plastics recycling, and NIR spectroscopy. The new InGaAs linear photodiodes with the extended 2.6µm wavelength array also offer wider spectral range and improved functionality over FTIR-NIR instrumentation.
Developed specifically for broad-wavelength-range, multi-channel spectrometer designs, the
SU256LSC-2.6T2 detector array features 256 elements of extended response InGaAs material. The LC InGaAs photodiode array is vibration-resistant, easy to use, and has a large active area, 50 x 250µm pixel size. LC package design includes a two-stage TEC and thermally-optimised materials for multi-channel spectrometers that require high sensitivity, low power consumption, and long-term stability.