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PicoQuant released a 560nm fibre amplified laser head, the LDH-P-FA-560, which delivers average optical powers of more than 3mW at a repetition rate of 40MHhz, with pulse widths down to 40ps. The new laser head is fully compatible with all laser drivers from PicoQuant’s PDL Series. The collimated free beam output can also be coupled into an optical fibre as an option.

The 560nm light emitted by the LDH-P-FA-560 is optimally suited for exciting molecular probes commonly used in life science or biology, including fluorescent proteins such as mCherry, RFP, or DsRed as well as dyes like CY3 or Atto565. The characteristics of the new laser head also provide opportunities for applications in bioanalytics, biochemistry, genetics, semiconductor characterisation, and quality control.

The LDH-P-FA-560 is a robust and easy to use excitation source that is well-suited for a wide range of time-resolved microscopy and spectroscopy applications, such as fluorescence spectroscopy, fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM), or fluorescence (lifetime) correlation spectroscopy (F(L)CS).