Legend Duo HE+

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Coherent has expanded the company’s family of Legend ultrafast amplifiers with the launch of the Legend Duo HE+, which delivers over 12mJ/pulse at 1kHz repetition rate.

Avoiding the use of cryogenic cooling simplifies operation and maintenance, resulting in lower cost of ownership and higher uptime. In addition, the Legend Duo HE+ uses components and subsystems specifically designed to support Carrier to Envelope Phase stabilised operation, the ultrafast technology most sensitive to noise and stability.

The Legend Duo HE+ is based on two-stage amplification to provide the ideal combination of high pulse energy with exceptional energy stability (<0.5 per cent rms), pointing stability (<10 microrad rms) and superior beam quality (M² <1.5). Specifically, the seed input is amplified in a regenerative amplifier designed to ensure superior beam quality and stability.

The output of this regenerative amplifier is then boosted to higher pulse energy by use of a single pass amplifier. Both amplifier stages use Coherent’s unique slab-rod design to enable efficient thermoelectric cooling of the Ti:Sapphire gain crystal and full exploitation of Coherent’s high energy (>45mJ) Evolution pump lasers.