Legend Elite

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The new Legend Elite from Coherent is a one-box regenerative ultrafast amplifier that features several major improvements over earlier models, including superior stability and the ability to generate extremely short (<35fs) output pulses. The Legend Elite has excellent passive and active stability, based on new mounts for critical optical components, integration of the amplifier and its pump laser on a single optical bench.

The Legend Elite features the same form, dimensions and integrated software interface as earlier Legend models, simplifying upgrades for both end users and system builders alike. The Elite is available with several different pulse width options, ranging from femtosecond through picosecond output.

The one-box amplifier can be operated as a turnkey tool, providing hours of continuous operation without the need for external adjustment. This capability is a major advantage when the Legend Elite is a shared resource, and in applications with long data acquisition periods.

Applications for the Legend Elite include studies in molecular dynamics, photochemistry, photoelectron generation at optimized wavelengths, fluorescence upconversion, and investigations into non-linear optics. It is also designed for research into novel micromachining methods, and can act as a key component in custom high-energy ultra-fast amplifier systems for use in high-energy physics.