Leica DCM8

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Leica Microsystems has launched the Leica DCM8, a combined confocal and interferometric optical profiler for non-destructive three-dimensional surface profiling. The system provides high definition confocal microscopy for high lateral resolution and interferometry to reach sub-nanometre vertical resolution. Both techniques are required for surface analysis of materials and components across research and production environments.

The DCM8 provides lateral resolution up to 140nm via confocal microscopy and vertical resolution of up to 0.1nm with interferometry. It employs confocal scanning technology without moving parts in the sensor head. Switching between techniques is also simple with only one mouse click required.

The DCM8 can also be used for colour documentation of samples. The four LED light sources – blue (460nm), green (530nm), red (630nm), and white (centred 550nm) – and an integrated CCD camera deliver colour images. The XY topography-stitching mode can be chosen to obtain a model of a larger area. The software enables users to simplify complicated 3D and 2D analyses and can be configured to their needs.