Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M

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The Leica DM4 M and Leica DM6 M upright microscopes for materials investigation have been introduced by Leica Microsystems. Both instruments have been designed for imaging, measurement, and analysis of similar features across many samples and materials.

The Leica DM4 M is designed for manual routine inspection, while the Leica DM6 M is capable of fully automated materials analysis. Automated functions such as the Illumination and Contrast Manager reduce complex adjustments to the push of a button, and both instruments are equipped with LED illumination. For applications such as steel inclusion rating, particle analysis, phase or grain analysis, users benefit from expert modules of the Leica Application Software (LAS).

The Illumination and Contrast Manager automatically recognises the selected contrast technique and objective in use, accurately opening and closing the aperture and field diaphragms, and adapting the light intensity accordingly. LED illumination takes care of homogenous lighting with a constant colour temperature at all intensity levels and any microscope setting. The camera setting and white balance can therefore remain constant and do not need adjusting.

Finally, the microscope software Leica Application Suite (LAS) turns the microscope and its accessories such as a camera into an imaging system.