Lenses for IR

LightPath Technologies has introduced two new lenses to its range: an aspheric moulded  lens for collimating IR laser light, and a LWIR lens for thermal imaging.

the colimating aspheric molded lens for collimating light from MWIR and LWIR lasers, such as quantum cascade lasers (QCLs), extending the company's range of off-the-shelf colimating lenses. Anti-reflective coatings are available for the SWIR (1.8µm - 3µm), MWIR (3µm - 5µm) and the LWIR (7µm - 12µm).

The company's LWIR lens assembly is designed for uncooled infrared sensors. These lenses are designed as the primary optics for thermal imagers in a wide variety of applications including homeland security, firefighting, predictive maintenance and driver’s vision enhancement systems in automobiles.

Both lenses are manufactured using the company's Black Diamond chalcogenide glass, which has a high numerical aperture designed for maximum light collection.