Vytran, a supplier of optical fibre processing solutions, has introduced the LFS-4000, a precision optical fibre splicer for standard, large-diameter and specialty fibres. The LFS-4000 is a dedicated process tool ideal for volume manufacturing fibre assemblies for fibre laser, sensing, medical device, defence and aerospace, fibre-based instrumentation, and research and development applications.

The LFS-4000 uses Vytran's filament fusion technology to produce low-loss splices on fibres ranging from 125 to 900 microns in diameter. It can be used for standard and specialty fibres such as doped fibres, polarisation maintaining (PM) fibres, photonic crystal fibre (PCF), highly stressed fibres and non-circular shapes.

Its PC-based laptop software features two screens - one tailored for product development that allows all of the unit's functionalities, and another simplified screen that allows only basic operator interface for volume manufacturing.

Vytran's LFS-4000, GPX-3400 glass processor, LDC-400 fibre cleaver, and PTR-200 series of fibre recoaters and proof testers make up a suite of complementary products. These products facilitate early process development through manufacturing for applications such as splicing fibre assemblies and creating fused components and fibre terminations.