LDC-400 optical fibre cleaver

Vytran has introduced the LDC-400, an automated optical fibre cleaver that can be used to produce flat and angled cleaves on fibres ranging from 80µm to 1.25mm in diameter. A versatile precision tool, LDC-400 is designed to cleave standard and speciality fibres for telecommunications, fibre laser, sensing, medical, research and aerospace and defence applications.

LDC-400 cleavers use tension and scribe technology to produce precise, consistent cleaves with mirror-quality end-face finishes. They can be configured to produce angle cleaves up to 15 degrees. LDC-400 systems feature programmable cleave tension, rotation angle and scribe conditions, and include special processes for cleaving photonic crystal fibre, polarisation maintaining (PM) fibres or capillary tubing. They can also be used to cleave many non-circular fibres typically used in fibre laser systems.