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As an alternative to expensive and bulky benchtop units Femto Messtechnik offers the low-cost LIA-MV-150 Lock-In Amplifier module. The working frequency range is 10Hz to 45kHz determined by an external reference source. All main functions like sensitivity, phase and time constant can be adjusted directly at the device or via a digital interface by a PC. The sensitivity range is 3µV to 100mV and 3nA to 100µA for a maximum output signal of 10V. The dynamic reserve is up to 50dB, the additional dynamic range in the different gain settings an additional 60dB. The compact EMI shielded module can be used directly at the signal source, avoiding signal distortions and noise pickup.

Typical applications include the sensitive measurement of small modulated signals potentially buried in noise in fields such as spectroscopy, surface analysis and laser stabilisation.