Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks

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Sensor manufacturer Wenglor has expanded its product range of optoelectronic sensors to include Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks. These are intended for applications such as logistics, woodworking and the automotive industry.

The light curtains are based on the light barrier principle. The switching output is activated depending on which and how many beams are interrupted by the object. An analogue output reads out measured values as a corresponding voltage (0 to 10V) or current (4 to 20mA).

Among other tasks, the new Light Curtains for Measuring Tasks can be used for web edge control, height and position monitoring, and for detecting and measuring objects and contours. They can be set up quickly with the help of a menu-driven OLED display directly at the housing – without additional software or external programming devices. Interrupted beams are displayed as a bar graph diagram, which simplifies initial start-up and alignment of the light curtain, as well as quick error diagnosis.