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Wenglor has expanded its product portfolio in the field of photoelectronic sensors with the introduction of OptoTemp, the company’s new temperature sensor. The sensor measures temperatures on the basis of infrared radiation emitted by the object, regardless of the material it’s made of and its state of aggregation.

The measurement of infrared radiation is quick and contactless, and the object itself is not influenced in any way. The sensor measures temperature with a spectral sensitivity of 8 to 14µm within a measuring range of -25 to 350°C. The measured value appears at the integrated, intuitively operable display and is read out via the outputs or the RS-232 port.

Thanks to its two switching outputs and an analogue output, the sensor is suited for various measuring applications, for example target versus actual value comparison and absolute measurement. The integrated laser alignment tool and a teachable emission factor make initial start-up quick and easy.