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LightPath Technologies joins the Center of Freeform Optics

LightPath Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPTH) (“LightPath,” the “Company,” or “we”), a leading vertically integrated global manufacturer, distributor and integrator of proprietary optical and infrared components and high-level assemblies, announced it has accepted the invitation to join the Center of Freeform Optics located at the University of Rochester in Rochester, NY.

The Center for Freeform Optics (CeFO) is a joint Industry-Government-University cooperative research center funded primarily through Industry and Government Labs members.  The mission of the Center for Freeform Optics (CeFO) is to advance research and education in the science, engineering, and applications of systems based on freeform optics through a dedicated, continuing industrial partnership based on shared value, and promotion of technical advantage leading to a competitive economic advantage for CeFO members.

Matt Davies, PhD Professor & Site Director for Center for Freeform Optics stated, “We are extremely excited about LightPath joining the Center for Freeform Optics (CeFO).  This brings a new capability to CeFO, precision glass molding. LightPath's membership in the CeFO, to work on a new three-year collaborative project on the precision molding of glass freeform optics, was enthusiastically and unanimously supported by the sixteen member industrial advisory board of the center.  The center leadership and the industrial advisory board see the low-cost precision molding of glass freeform optics, enabled by this project, as a path for bringing new freeform optical systems to the market and look forward to this new research and development partnership with LightPath.”

The development of precision molded freeform optics is a key addition to the field, bringing advantages such as significant cost reduction and increase in volume. Additionally, the wide variety of established moldable glasses, many of which are unsuitable for precision machining processes, provides an increase in design flexibility and potential applications due to the assortment of available physical and optical properties.

“LightPath strives to be at the forefront of the freeform revolution, joining the Center of Freeform Optics and its development of freeform technology roadmaps will accelerate time to market of these new technologies while giving LightPath an opportunity to demonstrate innovative proficiencies.” Jim Gaynor, LightPath’s President  & CEO, commented.


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