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LIPA, the Laser Illuminated Project Association headquartered in San Jose, California, USA, is a joint body consisting of representatives of high-tech companies active in the visualization industry that seek to promote and develop imaging laser technologies worldwide. Many distinguished companies operate in this segment, including Sony, Philips, Mitsubishi, Panasonic, BenQ and Texas Instruments along with Jenoptik, Osram, Imax and Disney.

Now Dr. Paul Harten, Managing Director of LIMO, is adding his company to the ranks of the renowned members of LIPA. “LIPA members believe that laser projectors hold many advantages over traditional projection techniques and that by joining their voices they can improve the business and regulatory environment for all”, as the organization’s primary objectives state. LIPA is therefore not only actively promoting laser projection – which is superior to the traditional technologies – worldwide but also functions as an internationally regarded forum that seeks to improve the business and regulatory environment of this groundbreaking technology. Its ultimate objective is to establish laser projection as a global standard. As an internationally leading specialist in laser beam shaping LIMO will as of now be using its membership to support the highly regarded joint body while stepping up its commitment in the US American market. Key Account Manager Roy Wetzel, LIMO’s representative in North America, is looking forward to the collaboration with the leading-name projector manufacturers who have come together in LIPA. “We are already the partner for many innovation-rich industries across the board from semiconductor manufacturing, flat panel displays and the automotive industry through to the imaging processing used in medical equipment”, says Dr. Harten. “Laser is the technology of the future – and LIMO is backing it at the international level.”