Limo managing director joins board of Laser Institute of America

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LIMO managing director Dr. Lutz Aschke has received a very special honor. For the second time in a row, the prestigious Laser Institute of America (LIA) based in Orlando, Florida has named Dr. Aschke to its world-class LIA Board of Directors. Be it Cambridge, Peking or Melbourne, renowned scientists from leading universities and experts from research, development and manufacturing in the laser technology field come together on the LIA Board of Directors to promote innovations in laser technology development, laser application and laser safety on a global scale. The beneficiaries of their efforts include industry, medicine, research and people all around the world. Founded in 1968, the Laser Institute of America serves as a global forum for laser innovation, owing in large part to its international conferences and highly lucrative awards. It gathers together the leading minds in laser technology from North America, Europe, Asia and the Pacific at a single table, providing them with a platform for sharing their newest findings, mobilizing synergies, and initiating advances in laser technology that help move the world another step forward.