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Dialight Lumidrives has launched a new range of LinkLED products based on the company's original LinkLED RGB system.

The LinkLED X allows users to control a line of LEDs extending over a considerable distance. New benefits include multichip technology that enables colour mixing from the source. It is suited to interior and exterior feature lighting. The new model is more compact, quicker and easier to install than previous versions, and is designed for OEMs who require a simple plug-and-play solution.

The product is ideal for direct view applications. Strips of six or 12 modules can be supplied preassembled and cables can be supplied for spacing at 300mm intervals. It includes an integrated heat sink can be directly mounted to any surface.

The patent-pending optics system allows for greater spacing in cove lighting applications. TheLinkLED X has a long lamp life (typically 50,000 hours).