Colourdriver XP

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Dialight Lumidrives has launched Colourdriver XP, a new LED driver for architectural, entertainment and leisure industries that provides increased choice and flexibility for the control of colour changing LEDs.

In addition to the three standard RGB channels, white and amber mixes are also possible. The driver includes increased control options including Dali, DMX and power line control with remote device management. It operates at high powers almost 1000mA. These features make it suitable for both interior and exterior use, including downlighting, floodlighting, linear wall washes and landscaping.

The system includes a power supply module that can be used as a standalone driver in itself, with a power handling capacity up to 160W. Users can then select from a range of control and connection options to suit the installation requirements.

Additional benefits include a choice of mains input connectors, including IEC, GST-18 or hardwiring. Output connector options cover RJ45, Molex, XLR or cage clamps. A number of housing options are also available including IP rated, interior rated or OEM chassis.