LLAM Cooled APD Pre-Amplifier Modules

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Pacer has released its Ultra Low Noise Silicon and InGaAs APD pre-amplifier modules.

The LLAM (Low Level Analogue Module) range offers high quantum efficiency spectral response over 400-1,700nm, bandwidth optimisation for between 1-300MHz, and constant responsivity over a 5-40°C ambient temperature range. Designed for LIDAR, rangefinding, analytical instruments, and confocal microscopy, silicon and InGaAs APDs both function with thermo-electric coolers and pre-amplifiers to offer extreme low light detection, just above the photon counting region.


The units, manufactured by PerkinElmer, are available in standard configuration with 800µm silicon or 200µm InGaAs APDs, but can also be customised dependent upon spectral and optical demands to meet customer applications.

The combination of TEC cooling, APD and pre-amplifiers allows Pacer to select the optimum size and spectral response APD for each application. Noise can also be reduced through both cooling and gain-bandwidth optimisation.

The Pacer Design Centre utilises low noise detectors, CCD and CMOS arrays and integrates them with internally sourced lenses, fibres, filters and optical elements, multiplexers, power supplies and user interface software to deliver low cost bespoke application-specific optical modules.