MiniRam NIR Raman spectrometer

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Pacer is now distributing a low-cost miniature Raman spectrometer from B&W Tek. The MiniRam NIR Raman spectrometer uses B&W’s Cleanlaze laser technology and TE cooled 2048 pixel CCD array spectrometer. As a result, this low-cost instrument achieved a spectral resolution of 8cm-1 with spectral coverage from 200cm-1 to 2800cm-1. The Cleanlaze laser is a high-power broad-stripe laser diode with its output spectrum narrowed and stabilised using a novel external cavity technology. Unlike conventional external cavity lasers that require a long cavity length, the wavelength selective element in the Cleanlaze laser is directly integrated onto the laser diode. As a result, the laser is both ultra compact in footprint (4 x 4 x 3mm) and stable to environmental change.

The utilisation of a broad-stripe laser diode guarantees the low cost of the whole module and at the same time, it can provide much higher output power (up to 1.5W) than its DFB and DBR counterparts. The spectral linewidth of the laser can reach 0.8 cm-1, i.e. 0.05nm, at 785nm.

Utilising a 785nm Cleanlaze laser as the Raman excitation light source, the miniature Raman spectrometer achieved a high spectral resolution and exceptional sensitivity. Other features of the Raman spectrometer include light weight, compact size, integrated fibre optic probe, and a user-friendly computer interface.