Low-Speckle Laser

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Z-Laser has released its ZV-SLD laser, which creates significantly less speckle interferences due to a shortened coherence length.

An evenly distributed and almost speckle-free laser line can be created and best results can be achieved even for small measurement units. By using a Powell lens, the laser projects a red line with a homogeneous intensity distribution at 680nm and a maximal line width of 50µm.

The ZV-SLD provides 3mW of output power with a 5VDC power supply. It is freely focusable and available with all common optics. Additionally, the laser is equipped with an automatical power control (APC) and a reverse voltage protection.

The ZV-SLD is applicable, for example, in machine vision systems with a high measurements speed, 2D and 3D contour measurements, biometrical inspections as well as in research and development.