LP Unalon material and pads

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Universal Photonics has released its LP Unalon material and pads, which is a micro-cellular foam elastomer specifically designed for high precision polishing.


LP Unalon's properties enable it to act in a 'sponge-like' manner while maintaining the required hardness and flatness for critical surfacing preparations.


Intrinsic to LP Unalon is the media embedded in its matrix via hydrodynamic process, ensuring homogeneity, consistent exposure, and reliable application of polishing accelerators to the working surface. LP Unalon is also available in neutral form for applications requiring no embedded media.


LP Unalon is also available in ring, block and plug form. LP wheels are an excellent choice for flat glass and mirror edging, yielding more than 60 per cent more life and higher polish quality than felt wheels. Available for all edging machines, they will not clog or contaminate your slurry system.