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PI miCos has extended its LPS series of linear positioning stages. The drive arrangement of the new, compact LPS-45 stage series is based on a piezoelectric inertia drive.

The company says these linear positioning stages provide a combination of high force and high positioning accuracy that cannot be achieved with conventional drive arrangements, such as DC and stepper motors. LPS-45 stages provide a holding force or maximum driving force of 10 N and have a maximum velocity of 10 mm/s.

With a width of 45 mm and a length ranging from 48 mm (at a travel range of 13 mm) to 63 mm (at a travel range of 25 mm), PI says the LPS-45 series has smaller dimensions than other systems with similar force.

The LPS-45 features a compact design and precision components such as crossed roller guides with a cage assistant system, providing for ultra-straight motion with less than 100 µrad. The length measuring system, an optical linear encoder, has a resolution of 1 nm.