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PI (Physik Instrumente) miCos has launched the LPS-22, a series of linear and rotary positioning systems.

The precision linear stages have a width of 22mm, travel ranges of up to 26mm and a resolution to 1nm in closed-loop operation. They also achieve velocities of up to 10mm/s.

The rotary stages of the RPS series, the smallest diameter of the rotating platform being at 14mm, attain velocities of up to 45°/s. These miniature linear and rotary stages are piezomotor-based drives suited for precision positioning in applications where space is limited and for vacuum environments to 10-9hPa.

The linear and rotary stages can be stacked directly to XY linear or XYZ configurations with rotary stages, and no adapter is needed.

For closed-loop and open-loop operation, suitable drivers and motion controllers are available. These range from OEM boards without case and bench-top devices to multi-axis systems. User software and drivers for programming Windows or LabView applications are included in the scope of delivery.