LS500 series digital laser sensor

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Panasonic has launched the LS500 series digital laser sensor, consisting of a separate digital amplifier using the company’s FX500 fibre amplifier technology. The digital amplifier is complemented by a range of compact laser-based sensor heads.

The LS500 digital amplifier is available in two variants using either connector or cable connections. The advantage of the cabled version is that it offers, in addition to all the standard features, an analogue output giving the user more flexibility.

Standard features include: high-speed response (60µS); two digital outputs with timer and logical operation functions; received light adjustment (four levels); and bright LED eight digit display.

There are four different sensing heads available depending on the application, all featuring Class 1 laser technology.

Thru-beam (LS-H101) is one of the smallest laser sensing heads available to the industry, according to Panasonic, with a sensing range up to 1m. Both the transmitter and receiver are enclosed in an M6 stainless steel body each measuring 30mm long allowing very simple mounting.

Thru-beam (LS-H102) is an IP67 waterproof rectangular type sensing head with up to 1m sensing range, and can be used in applications where water and dust are present. The transmitter features an easy to adjust alignment mechanism for simple adjustment.

Coaxial Reflective (LS-H201) is a diffuse-type head offering a small sensing spot size of 2mm at its standard sensing range of 300mm. The LS-500 amplifier can be configured for Hyper mode to extend the range to 750mm. Finally, retro reflective (LS-H901) is a compact head offering a sensing range of up to 2.5m.