LSM 7 MP laser scanning microscope

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The LSM 7 MP Laser Scanning Microscope from Carl Zeiss is a system which is specially tailored to the needs of multiphoton microscopy. The compact design and ease of use allow the device to meet customer requirements for a system that is user-friendly in every respect. It generates high resolution microscopic images for a wide diversity of experiments in biomedical and basic research. Thanks to the use of two scanners in one system, two lasers with different wavelengths can be utilised sequentially or simultaneously for specimen imaging and manipulation. The range of detectors and their filter equipment, as well as an extensive line of microscope accessories, allow customisation of the microscope system.

The LSM 7 MP is designed for recording high resolution images of fluorescent structures. The application fields extend from high resolution 3D imaging in long-term observations of development processes and functional imaging in conjunction with simultaneous photo-manipulation, right up to imaging in combination with electrophysiological measuring methods. The outstanding imaging properties of the system are combined with a compact design despite the use of two scanners. The system is easy to set up and user-friendly thanks to the ZEN navigation software.

The system is features optimised transmission of the scan module for excitation light up to 1100nm. The extremely sensitive non-descanned detectors and the special version of a GaAsP non-descanned detector with signal outcoupling directly above the objective lens have been taken over from the LSM 710 NLO.