Silver 480M

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Cedip Infrared Systems has announced the Silver 480M – an IR cooled camera that provides a complete acquisition and processing system for highly dynamic phenomena and high frequency periodic excitation.

Designed for researchers looking to perform ultra-fast thermographic analysis, the Silver 480M uses its analogue inputs for synchronous acquisition of external sensor signals that, after processing by an advanced ‘lock-in’ technique, enable highly sensitive and accurate non-destructive evaluation, fatigue testing and stress analysis.

Incorporating the latest Read Out Integrated Circuit (ROIC) technology the Silver 480M's 320 x 240 pixels format InSb detector (3-5µm) delivers a 400Hz full frame rate, while maintaining linearity and high sensitivity of typically 20mK. Built for operational flexibility the unit is programmable from 1Hz to 400Hz in full frame mode, offers a sub-array windowing mode with integration time adjustable in 1µs increments and smart external triggering capability synchronising image capture to even the most transient events.