Pyro-C line of pyroelectric laser energy sensors

Ophir Photonics has launched its Pyro-C line of pyroelectric laser energy sensors. An upgrade to the company's PE line of pyroelectric pulsed sensors, the Pyro-C detectors provide the industry's lowest measurable energy, longest measurable pulse width, and highest accuracy. The sensors are compact devices that provide a user adjustable threshold, preventing false readings in noisy environments.

Like the PE Series before it, the Pyro-C sensors are the only laser energy detectors in the industry to combine high damage threshold and high repetition rates with the widest range of wavelengths, from UV to Near IR. They accurately measure high repetition rate lasers over the broadest spectral range - 150nm to 12µm.

The Pyro-C product line consists of several models, including: The PE10-C, able to measure energies down to 1µJ, at repetition rates up to 25kHz, with a 12mm aperture; the PE25-C and PE50-C, which measure energies from 8µJ to 10J, repetition rates to 10kHz, and pulse widths to 5ms, with 24.5mm and 46mm apertures; and the PE50-DIF-C, which is similar to PE50-C but with diffuser to allow high energy densities to 1J/cm2.

Each product above is also available in a version that features a high damage threshold BF coating, allowing energy densities of up to to 0.8J/cm2 without, and up to 4J/cm2 with a diffuser. It also allows pulse widths to 20ms.