LumaCore-based interconnects

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Molex and Polymicro Technologies, a subsidiary of Molex, have released the Molex LumaCore-based interconnects that can incorporate Polymicro’s large core, optical fibres. 

Optical system designers now have a complete solution to connect large core optical fibres used for data, sensing and optical power transmission. 

Molex LumaCore optical termini-based interconnects are available in two configurations.

Firstly, the Molex LC2 Metallic Optical Connectors, which provide a ruggedised, all-metal housing version of the LC Small Form Factor (SFF) family. Capable of continuous operating temperatures up to 135oC and short-term temperatures up to 150oC, these connectors are available for single-mode, multimode and angle-polish applications. 

With no plastic components, there is little or no out-gassing, allowing these connectors to accommodate space and high-vacuum environments.  Featuring LumaCore optical termini, these connectors resist breakage and achieve superior optical performance. 

Secondly, the Molex MXL-38999 Circular Connectors, which have been designed specifically for single-mode APC applications, their high level of design integrity enable the connector system to deliver superior optical performance across all optical fibre applications.  Using LumaCore optical terminus technology, the MXL-38999 connector provides a dense, optical connection with stable optical performance in harsh environments.  Its unique quarter-turn retention feature allows the LumaCore terminus to be installed and removed from a connector with a simple push and turn.