Lumen 200 fluorescence illumination system

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The Lumen 200 fluorescence illumination system from Prior Scientific offers a powerful, cost-effective and superior alternative to traditional short arc mercury vapour lamps and bulbs used in fluorescence microscopy.

The Lumen 200 delivers 2,000 hours of stable output compared to the maximum 200 hours offered by a mercury vapour lamp or bulb. Coupling it to a microscope using a liquid light guide leads to very little heat transfer, helping to eliminate thermal drift during time lapse experiments. The Lumen 200 also incorporates a variable light attenuation control to reduce the potential of bleaching and phototoxicity. 

The spectrum of the Lumen 200 is similar to that of a traditional mercury vapour lamp or bulb, ensuring that the quality and characteristics of the excitation light is maintained and that no costly filter changes are required.