OV4Z Optimal IV Star Series

Optek Technology has developed a star-shaped red/green/blue/amber LED assembly with good thermal performance, known as the OV4Z Optimal IV Star Series.

The LEDs are offered in mono-colour or RGBA packages and feature a recessed die design that houses four LED chips under a 5mm optical-grade water clear lens. The assemblies achieve an extremely low thermal resistance of 2degreesC/W from junction to heatsink. 

The OV4Z Series devices are exceptionally bright and ideally suited for applications including large signage; interior, exterior and landscape architectural lighting; recreational areas such as pools, spas and boats; and speciality lighting including vending machines, display cases and stage lighting. 

The Optimal IV Star Series assemblies feature emitted colours of blue (455 to 460nm), green (530 to 535nm), red (620 to 630nm), amber (585 to 595nm) and daylight white.