Innovations in Optics introduces high power white LED light engines for OEM fiberoptic illumination.  LumiBright Light Engines couple directly to liquid light guides and fiber bundles with no additional optics, delivering up to 4000 lumens into the light guide.

Offering substantial cost and operational advantages, white LEDs are becoming the preferred light guide illumination sources for many technical applications which were historically dominated by tungsten halogen and HID lamps.  LumiBright light engines feature patented technologies that encompass non-imaging optics with chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays on metal core circuit boards to provide both optimum luminous efficacy and ideal thermal management.  Unlike the so called “big chip” LEDs used in many light guide illuminators, LumiBright light engines feature large source size and emit into a numerical aperture that matches the acceptance cone angle and diameter of light guide systems.  The unique design results in many more lumens emitted from light guides relative to the big chip Lambertian emitters.

LumiBright Model 2400B-400-W has a 0.66 numerical aperture (NA) and illuminates fiber bundles and light guides sized from 6.0 to 8.0 mm in diameter.  Ideally suited for applications in machine vision and remote source illumination, the light engine generates up to 4000 lumens.  Model 2400B-500-W is ideally suited for endoscope and microscope illuminator applications with a 0.60 NA for light guides that are 3.0 to 5.0 mm in diameter. The 2400B-500-W produces up to 1500 lumens. Available light engine system accessories include thermal management devices, wire harnesses, and driver/controllers.