LuxxMaster Raman source

Laser Components has introduced the LuxxMaster Raman source for use in medical technology, industrial, and military applications. The new generation of Raman sources is four times smaller and 30 per cent less expensive than the previous models.

Designed for OEM applications, the stabilised laser source is well suited for Raman spectroscopy and sensor applications. Using a volume Bragg grating, the 785nm laser wavelength is stabilised to within ±0.5nm, across the entire operating temperature range from 0°C to 50°C. At the same time, the full width at half maximum is typically reduced to 0.08nm. The noise level of the laser is <0.25 per cent rms. A supply voltage of 5V is required for operation. Other wavelengths, including 532nm, are also available.

The source can be connected to a 105µm MM fibre, for example, from which a typical output power of 500mW can be achieved. With the help of the USB interface, the source can be controlled using a PC.